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Lithium-ion Batteries






Lithium-ion Batteries


lithium ionen batteriesLithium-ion batteries like any batteries have their advantages and disavantages. The lists below will only show generic advantages and disadvantages as there are many types of Lithium-ion batteries available for all types of devices. Size and other differences between them create their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The choice to use or not use Lithium-ion batteries is left up to you, giving thought to advantages for you and your processes. Return on investment is something that can be looked at and compared to time lost with other types of batteries and the extra running hours between charges where forklifts are concerned.


Quicker to charge: Lithium-ion batteries are considerably quicker to charge than any other types of rechargeable batteries, taking a fraction of the time.

No requirement to prime: Older rechargeable cells need to be primed when they receive their first charge. This was noticable in the mobile world where you charged your phone for 24hrs prior to using.

High energy density: The greater energy density is a major advantage of Lithium-ion cells. This means electric vehicles can run much longer between charges.

Self-discharge: Although Lithium-ion batteries loose their charge over time, it is much slower rate then other battery cells.

Reduced Maintenance: Lithium-ion batteries do not require any maintenance to ensure continued performance. Other cells like Ni-Cad need a full discharge every so often to ensure they do not build a memory and so have reduced charging capabiltiy.

Specific Purpose Available: There are different types of Lithium-ion cells available to suit purpose specific use. High current level provide the ideal output for electric vechicles like forklifts for example.


Requires Protection: They require protection from being discharged to far or overcharged. Current needs maintaining within safe limits. Modern IC technology, makes it possible to incorporate this into the battery now.

Ageing: This effects consumer electronics more so then our use with electric vehicles, but is worth knowing. Important to note is that they are stored at approximately 50% charge and stored in a cool area. Life will be increased if stored under these conditions.

Transportation: Lithium-ion batteries have restrictions for transportation, the most important one being that you can not have them sent as air cargo.

Initial Cost: Once again more a concern for consumer electronics where every cost is taken into consideration for item sale. In the case of electric vehicles this is not really a concern as it is a minor cost overall.

New Technology: It is important to note that Lithium-ion batteries is an area of ongoing development. Although this means technology is changing due to new advances, this could be viewed as an advantage as it means the technology is constantly improving.



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